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Southeast Bank operates under a double bottom line agenda where Bank's sustained growth objectives and social responsibility go hand in hand as it strives towards a poverty free, prosperous Bangladesh. The Bank opines CSR performance not only as a voluntary, Charitable service but also incorporates/ accommodates this with core Banking operation as long term sustainable ongoing process with a view to increasing Bank's brand image. In addition, The Bank combats to imbed Corporate Social Responsibility as a road map for corporate premises in Banking to maximize stakeholder's boon. Whether it is a donation to a hospital, providing fund for sporting events or a contribution during natural calamities, SEBL and its CSR activities put its footsteps on the elements of the society for helping the people thus SEBL through its CSR performances reach the different segments of the society so that a harmony can be prevailed. With a view to giving an institutionalize shape, the Bank in 2002, founded Southeast Bank Foundation (SEB Foundation) to take part even more effectively in social works with special concentration to Human welfare. The Bank with a view to institutionalizing corporate social responsibility, established Southeast Bank Foundation in 2002 to participate in social work. However, up to the year 2017 CSR activities of Southeast Bank Limited had been confined to the form of grants and donations.

In 2009, the Board Directors could foresee and there by chalked out plan with special priority, realizing education sector as the area of activities for sustainable development of human resources. As a part of this conscience, since then, the foundation has been relentlessly marching forward with its scholarship project with even more volume and area. Presently, it is making its journey with 3309 scholarships covering the secondary, the higher secondary and the graduation level where the learners of all disciplines are being accommodated.
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