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Overseas Partners

Global Partners :
  • Western Union Money Transfer Services
  • Continental Exchange Solution (Ria Financial Services)
  • Trans-Fast Worldwide Remittance LLC
UK based Money Transfer Companies :
  • Aftab Currency Exchange
  • Brac Saajan Exchange Limited
  • KMB International Money Transfer
  • Small World Financial Services Group
  • NEC Money Transfer( UK) Ltd
  • Worldwide West 2 East Services Ltd(Sha Global)
  • Xpress Money Service Ltd.
  • AMO Money Transfer and Exchange Ltd (MaxiiPay)
  • Remit Choice Limited
  • Worthing FX Services Limited
UAE based Money Transfer Companies :
  • Al Ahalia Money Exchange Bureau
  • Al Fardan Exchange LLC
  • Al Ansari Exchange LLC
  • Lulu International Exchange LLC
Oman based Money Transfer Companies :
  • Unimoni Exchange LLC
USA based Money Transfer Companies :
  • Sunman Global Express Corp
  • Placid NK Corporation, USA
  • Omnex Group Inc. USA
Italy based Banking Partners :
  • National Exchange Company S.R.L
  • Mondial Bony Service S.P.A
Spain based Banking Partners :
  • Global Money Exchange & Transfer S.A
K.S.A (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) based Banking Partners :
  • National Commercial Bank (NCB,KSA)
  • Bank Al-Bilad
Own Remittance Houses of Southeast Bank :
  • Southeast Exchange Company (South Africa) Pty. Ltd. (Johannesburg, Cape Town and Bloemfontein Branch)

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Copyright © 2024, Southeast Bank PLC.