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Financial Inclusion & Financial Literacy

In order to implement the Bangladesh Government's Vision 2041 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, the National Financial Inclusion Strategy (2021-2026) has been developed. The strategy aims to achieve social cohesion and stability by ensuring access to quality financial services for all, aligning with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

One of the core objectives of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy is to achieve 100 percent financial inclusion for all adults by June 30, 2026. To accomplish this, it is crucial to spread financial literacy among the poor and underprivileged segments of society. By providing accurate knowledge about banking and financial products/services, individuals can gain a better understanding of modern banking systems and become interested in accessing institutional financial services. This plays a pivotal role in achieving overall financial inclusion in Bangladesh.

To support this initiative, the Financial Inclusion Department of Bangladesh Bank has launched the financial literacy program called "Striving for a Financially Literate Society." The program aligns with the goals outlined in Bangladesh Bank's 3rd Five-Year Strategic Plan (2020-2024) for expanding financial inclusion throughout the country. To ensure the effectiveness of the program, Bangladesh Bank has published Financial Literacy Guidelines for Banks and Financial Institutions.

Southeast Bank is fully committed to promoting financial literacy in accordance with the guidelines provided by Bangladesh Bank. The bank has already taken several initiatives, including observing financial literacy day, organizing school banking conferences, and conducting general financial literacy programs at the division and district levels as outlined in the Financial Literacy Guidelines of Bangladesh Bank.
Observation of Financial Literacy Day:
Southeast Bank PLC commemorates "Financial Literacy Day" annually on the first Monday of March, in accordance with the directives outlined in the "Financial Literacy Guidelines for Banks and Financial Institutions" issued by the Financial Inclusion Division of Bangladesh Bank.

During this significant day, all branches and uposhakhas of SEBPLC. actively engage in commemorating the occasion, organizing discussions with customers on various topics related to financial literacy. These discussions are conducted in strict adherence to the guidelines provided by Bangladesh Bank, with the primary objective of effectively promoting financial awareness among unbanked individuals and encouraging their participation in regulated financial channels.

Through these initiatives, Southeast Bank PLC aims to contribute towards enhancing financial literacy levels within the community and facilitating greater financial inclusion across Bangladesh.We are pleased to share some snapshots of the programs conducted thus far.

1. "Financial Literacy Day" on March 06, 2023
2. "Financial Literacy Day" on March 04, 2024
Observation of Financial Literacy Week:
Southeast Bank PLC. also observes “Financial Literacy Week” as per instructions laid out under “Financial Literacy Guidelines For Banks and Financial Institutions” issued by Financial Inclusion Division, Bangladesh Bank. After selection of week by Bangladesh Bank, all our branches and uposhakhas organize discussions with the customers to promote financial awareness. Some of the branches/uposhakhas also visit nearby schools to promote financial literacy among students.

1. Financial Literacy Week 2024 (March 18, 2024 to March 24, 2024)

Organizing School Banking Conference:
Under the guidance of the Financial Inclusion Department of Bangladesh Bank, Southeast Bank PLC. organized the "School Banking Conference-2023" as the lead bank in the Chapainawabganj district. The conference brought together students, teachers from various schools, and branch managers of different banks. Distinguished guests from Bangladesh Bank and other segments of the community also attended the program. Here are some photographs capturing the essence of the event:
Conducting General Financial Literacy Program:
Financial illiteracy has been recognized as one of the major hurdles to building a financially inclusive economy. Financial literacy refers to the knowledge, skills and understanding that enables individuals to navigate various financial scenarios with confidence and competence, ensuring their financial well-being. Enhancing financial literacy is a prerequisite for onboarding unbanked individuals into regulated financial channels. It is crucial in supporting financial inclusion, particularly in the context of the advancement of Digital Financial Services (DFS).

Financial Inclusion Division, Bangladesh Bank has taken initiative through “Financial Literacy Guidelines For Banks and Financial Institutions” with a view to rolling out a wide range of financial literacy programmers for mass people. Southeast Bank PLC is actively organizing General Financial Literacy Programs across the country in accordance with the Financial Literacy Guidelines provided by Bangladesh Bank. These programs aim to provide financial knowledge to the financially illiterate and underprivileged members of society, empowering them to achieve financial well-being. We are pleased to share some snapshots of the programs conducted thus far.

1. "Financial Literacy Program" 2023
2. "Financial Literacy Program" 2024

Promoting awareness of financial literacy:
While we understand the importance of our role as a bank in promoting financial inclusion, we also recognize the significant role you can play in spreading financial literacy. Your visit to our website indicates that you likely have a good understanding of financial matters and access to banking services. However, there are many individuals in your community who may not have the same level of knowledge or access to formal financial systems.

We encourage you to become an ambassador for financial inclusion by sharing your knowledge and experiences with those who are underserved or underprivileged. By educating them about the benefits of financial inclusion and the services offered by formal financial institutions like banks, you can empower them to improve their financial well-being. In doing so, you can also contribute to the overall development of our country.

Together, we can make a positive difference and create a more financially inclusive society for all.

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Copyright © 2024, Southeast Bank PLC.